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Poland Is Preparing for War with Russia - Why Have They Decided to Do This?

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This war would have been over in a week, the peace treaty was ready to be signed, boris Johnson and Biden said don’t sign it they are the real guilty ones , why is nobody talking about this, people are dying here and no one is bothered, this is all money making , Russia isn’t going to attack at all, talk about shit stirring
Poland past history has always had it bad so it’s understandable that they are prepared for the worst? Other western countries need to do the same. With recent comments Putin made about nuclear weapons he would use if Ukraine won is unimaginable.
i dont like polish a bit more than russians so good luck with that.
Pols are currently producing and selling bullets to Russia like nothing has ever happened, explain! Idk smells a bit like propaganda
Poland is not preparing to war with RuSSia. Poland is preperaing to not having to go to war at all.
Poland is awake to this coming threat. The western politicians are still asleep, not too bothered. Wake up.
amerykanie,żydzi, brytole-będziemy walczyć do ostatniego Polaka 😂
And we,spanish wouldnt fight the russians because we know who the anglosaxons are and you dont.
Neo-McCarthyists support Ukraine in the USA.
Poland doesn't have to prepair thats why NATO is for
Actually, wars between Russia and Poland began in 15th century. Poland had 18 wars with Russia over these 6 centuries and during the one between 1609–1618 Poland occupied Moscow. Currently Poland is in a state of war of Russia although not an open-kinetic one. There are attacks on Polish border caused by Russia migrating people from the middle east, hacker attacks, propaganda warfare, disinformation, espionage, acts of sabotage (or at least attempts), GPS signal disruptions and more. All the signs suggest that Putin is not going to stop at Ukraine so NATO has to do better to stop him there.
We need a Poland like in the Polish-Lithuanian period
"Because we don't beg for freedom. We fight for it".
lol didnt putin say he was not interested in invading poland with the recent interview with tucker? someones war mongering.
Actually Poland did warn western nations many times about Russia but people in the west got FAT brains and nothing went through. When you become fat and sick from democracy, you don't believe in other things.

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